Written by the Warrior


Every few months, I would receive a notice about the Young Rembrandts Program held at our local high schools. They offer drawing classes for children aged 3.5 years old to 12 years old. Classes are 1 hour long and each session is about 6 weeks long.

The Tiger Princess and the Dragon have both shown great interest in visual arts since they were very young, so I thought that we would give the classes a try.

So each Saturday for 6 weeks, we headed to our local high school, where the Tiger Princess and the Dragon studied with a mother-daughter team and learned age appropriate techniques for drawing and colouring.

Since the classes were very small (7 in the Tiger Princess’ class and 4 in the Dragon’s class) and since I spent 6 weeks mooching off of the Tiger Princess’s class, I ended up getting to know the program, the teacher, the other kids and their parents quite well.

I also coach children’s soccer and T-ball in our community and I come away with the same observation that even at such a young age, you can tell who wants to be there and who came from strong family traditions of *insert the activity*.

I think as parents, we all want to do our best to provide our children with the opportunities that we perhaps never had, to expose them to a variety of different activities, to help them find their interest, so they can be more successful than we.

Much of this, is trial and error. I remember disastrous violin lessons, where the Tiger Princess cried the whole class, every class and Dragon spent each class trying to hit people in the head with the bow.

Sometimes it’s about perseverance. I remember the Dragon lying on the ice crying for the first 9 skating classes, until he realized that I was serious about him having to learn to skate since we live in Canada. So class 10, he got up and skated without issue.

Sometimes it’s simply about them being ready. I have seen kids who were grass pickers one year, turn into enthusiastic soccer players the next year.

And sometimes, just sometimes, you hit the nail on the head.

While some of the other kids were bored and acting out, both the Tiger Princess and the Dragon were happy and content during the entire hour. They stayed in their seats willingly, listened to the teacher and happily worked on their art.

Maybe it was the teaching methods, which I admit were fantastic and age appropriate that even I enjoyed. Or maybe it’s simply about finding what truly speaks to us, since doing what we love is effortless.Whatever the reason, for once, I got it right.

And the results speak for themselves…
The Tiger Princess

The Dragon

And I was totally serious about mooching off their art class.


I even mooched off of the background mounting material.