Written by the Warrior


I realized a few years ago that I didn’t like birthdays. 

The main reason for this, is of course that I am uncomfortable with the idea of getting older. While you are as young as you feel – I sure wasn’t feeling very young those days.

The other reason is that my birthday comes at the heel of a two week span where numerous birthdays of family members, friends and friends’ kids are celebrated. (Apparently, September is a busy time for people – if you know what I mean). So by the time my birthday rolls around, we’re all birthday-ed out and the only thing I get is left over, recycled cake.

I realized as a result, I actually have very few memories of my birthdays over the years – except the one in Helsinki, Finland, many many moons ago.

So I made a promise to myself that I will change this, and make the effort every year to have an amazing adventure on my birthday, to celebrate the completion of a year and to welcome the start of a brand new year.

Of course adventure means different things to different people. It also means something different at different stages of our lives. For example, when the Tiger Princess and the Dragon were younger, getting out of the house with my sanity intact was enough of an adventure.

For 2016, my amazing adventure took me to … Iceland, the geo-wonder playground of the world.

For 2017, it was off to … New York City. A day spent celebrating outstanding human achievements.

These birthdays, I will remember!